Our team uses only high quality, water based, theatrical make-up approved for use on faces. These paints are hypoallergenic and are easily removed with soap and water or gentle shampoo using an old facecloth. (Baby wipes work well too!) All make-up is applied following Calgary Health Regulations. This means that the brushes are rinsed, disinfected with Rubbing Alcohol, and rinsed again after touching a face (or other body part). We use disposable sponges that are thrown away, never to be used again after each dipping into paint.


Using “Qualatex – the very best balloons” our creative balloon sculptures can entertain any crowd with 60-200 different designs.


Using disposable stencils, we apply prosthetic adhesive & glitter. After a few minutes of drying time you have a beautiful design that will last 5-7 days! Glitter tattoos are a waterproof fun idea to add to any event!